Etherless Learning

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About this blog

Posted by Ming Ling on December 1, 2009

This blog is a collection of musings on how to improve learning, often in informal and everyday settings. Some may highlight research, others may address recommendations for practice, while still others may simply explore my own thoughts-in-the-making about teaching, learning, and parenting. Themes that have emerged so far include statistical reasoning and scientific literacy; learning from different opinions and different people; relationships between gender / culture / diversity and learning; and distinguishing between external behaviors and internal traits / abilities. In general, this blog reflects my view of daily interactions in the world, filtered through a learning-science or cognitive-science lens.

I also contribute to Real Learning Matters, another blog I share with a fellow educational researcher. That blog explores more discussions of teaching and schooling in formal settings, with a stronger research and policy angle. General themes address assessment design and interpretation, teaching effectiveness, instructors’ professional development, school management, and the educational research enterprise.


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