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Gender and STEM fields

Posted by Ming Ling on October 15, 2010

In spite of research demonstrating equal math skills between the genders…

Females are equal to males in math skills, large study shows

The mathematical skills of boys and girls, as well as men and women, are substantially equal, according to a new examination of existing studies.

Nicole M. Else-Quest, Janet Shibley Hyde, Marcia C. Linn. Cross-national patterns of gender differences in mathematics: A meta-analysis. Psychological Bulletin, 2010; 136 (1): 103 DOI: 10.1037/a0018053

…we still have a gender gap in STEM occupations.

Can Legislation Fix the U.S. Science Gender Gap?

In 1972, when Mae Jemison was just 16 years old, she arrived at Stanford University, where she intended to pursue a degree in engineering. But it wasn’t long after arriving in Palo Alto that she learned that the university’s science departments weren’t nearly as enthusiastic about her as she was about them.

I’m particularly intrigued by the suggestion of linking tenure to improving outcomes among women and minorities. Diversity in experience and thinking helps everyone, not just the previously-marginalized or underrepresented.


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