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Sprouts, the topology game

Posted by Ming Ling on October 26, 2010

Topologists at play: the game of Sprouts

  1. Start with some dots on the paper. The more dots you have the longer the game takes so you will probably just want to start with two or three.
  2. Players take turns either connecting two of the dots with lines or drawing a line that loops back and connects a dot with itself.
  3. The lines can be straight or curved but they can’t cross themselves or any other lines.
  4. Each dot can have at most three lines connecting it.
  5. When you draw a line put a new dot in the middle.
  6. The first player who can’t draw a line loses.

Good game for kids to play after finishing a quiz, on a rainy day, or perhaps on a long car trip. They can even play a solitary version with two different colored markers.


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